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Atlantic Repair and Maintenance (Atlantic) is committed to reducing overall repair costs.  Atlantic offers expert diagnosis and repair services including: diagnosis of electrical, mechanical and electronic control issues and the repair and replacement of faulty and/or non-functioning components in commercial washers, dryers, dry-cleaning and other linen equipment.

Accurate diagnosis of the cause of breakdown or malfunction of a laundry system avoids the unnecessary replacement of parts and reduces the need for unnecessary service calls.  With 16 years of industry experience repairing all makes and models of commercial laundry equipment, Atlantic is committed to getting to the root of the problem the first time to reduce overall repair costs to its customers and unnecessary downtime.
Prolong equipment life and reduce overall costs of maintaining equipment by calling Atlantic.   Atlantic offers preventive maintenance contracts that can be structured to meet each customer’s business requirements. Preventative maintenance includes inspection of equipment electrical components to ensure proper operation, and mechanical parts for signs of wear. 
​Identifying issues before a breakdown or malfunction occurs can reduce repair and replacement costs.   By providing regular and routine preventative maintenance Atlantic works with its customers to prolong equipment life and reduce downtime associated with unnecessary breakdowns.  Preventative maintenance can also prevent excessive damage to equipment that can occur as a result ​of a component failure.

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Atlantic works with reputable suppliers to meet your commercial laundry equipment and part needs.  We will be happy to supply you with either OPL or coin washers and dryers ranging in size from 18 to 200+ lb capacity. Please contact us for a quote. 
Avoid frustrating surprises and unnecessary installation costs by using Atlantic.  Atlantic provides various installation and consultation services including: 
·  Advising on equipment specification requirements to meet customer business needs ·  Assisting with equipment layout to ensure that space is sufficient to accommodate equipment ·  Ensuring necessary mechanical rough-ins will be adequate for equipment ·  Locating and securing equipment in place ·  Starting-up and programming equipment and training personnel on proper use.

Consult with Atlantic before ordering equipment to ensure it is suitable for the space and business needs, and to ensure the equipment is installed correctly and efficiently. Atlantic is skilled in the installation of a wide variety of commercial hard and soft mount washing machines ranging from 25 lb to 600 lb capacity and 25 lb to 180 lb capacity dryers.

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